Crow’s Theatre and Théâtre français de Toronto present a Le collectif Nous sommes ici, le Théâtre Catapulte and La Bordée coproduction



Frédérique BradetSavina FiguerasDanielle Le Saux-FarmerNadia Girard Eddahia and Sophie Thibeault

Creative Team

  • Playwright Maxime Beauregard-Martin
  • Director Alexandre Fecteau
  • Direction Assistant Stéphanie Hayes
  • Set Design Ariane Sauvé
  • Costume Designer Jeanne Lapierre
  • Music Stéphane Caron
  • Lighting Designer Chantal Labonté
  • Video Projections David B. Ricard
  • Stage Manager Keven Dubois ou Fabien Locas
  • Sound Manager Nicolas Désy
  • Technical Director and Production Manager Billy Bergeron
  • Surtitles Operator Manon Bourgeois

TRIGGER WARNING: This play tackles themes of emotional and sexual abuse.

Black Crows Theatre


Directed by one of Quebec’s fastest rising directors/auteurs, Alexandre Fecteau, Singulières is an unexpected, hilarious, and moving encounter with five “single ladies” from Quebec. This brilliantly imagined live-documentary, explodes with theatrical vitality, and follows the women in their 30s and 40s over two years, each of them living the single life with joy and purpose, all the while defying society’s expectations and redefining their own concepts of happiness, identity, and love.

Message from Crow’s Theatre

Chris Abraham
Sherrie Johnson

We are thrilled to be embarking on our first collaboration with the Théâtre français de Toronto and to be welcoming our 2019 RBC Rising Star Emerging Director Prize winner to Crow’s Theatre for his directorial debut with us. This production fulfills a longstanding wish to create space for French language performance at Crow’s, and to introduce Toronto audiences to Alexandre’s work. Alexandre has been at the forefront of the recent rise of documentary theatre in Québec and his lauded productions of Tout Inclus and Le NoShow have taken the province by storm. His ability to fuse incisive social commentary, technology, and an always surprising sense of play have made his shows unmissable events wherever they are performed. It is an honour to close out our 2021.22 season with this show and this partnership with TfT.

Chris Abraham, Artistic Director
Sherrie Johnson, Excutive Director

Message from Artistic Director, TfT

Karine Ricard

TfT is very proud to collaborate for the first time with Crow's Theatre and to welcome to Toronto this co-production between La Bordée, La Catapulte and the Collectif Nous sommes ici: a play by Maxime Beauregard-Martin on the subject of single women, based on an original idea by director Alexandre Fecteau.

It was in the midst of the pandemic that Danielle Le Saux-Farmer, who not only performs in the show but is also Théâtre Catapulte’s artistic director, presented me with a video of this docu-theatre told through female voices. The play expresses with sensitivity and intelligence the prejudices and stereotypes surrounding women's singlehood.

To tell the truth, even though I am not single, I easily found myself represented in this docu-theatre and was drawn in by the humour and humanity of its characters. Having always been a bit reluctant to integrate video projections into theatrical plays, this technical tour de force presented by Fecteau convinced me otherwise. Co-presenting this show in its original language with Crow's Theatre is just the beginning of a beautiful and long relationship.

Karine Ricard

Director’s Notes

Alexandre Fecteau

Singulières began with an intuition. A concern for people we know and love, for whom we hope for the best—but who conceal an element of mystery because we can guess that they are experiencing particular challenges.

Maxime Beauregard-Martin quickly embarked on an investigation of a sensitive nature, with the aim of piercing this little mystery. He met with many women and brought back testimonies that enriched the reflection and revealed additional facets of women’s celibacy.

The arrival of Covid and the pandemic considerably influenced the creation of this show. I would like to salute the commitment and determination of the team who embraced the challenges of this work, which is both theatrical and cinematic.

I would like to emphasize how demanding this show is for the five actresses, who have several “related tasks”. I find your capacity to adapt, your talent and your resilience inspiring. In this sense, you are like Jordan, Joëlle, Zaya, Nathalie and Rose, the heroines of this show.

Finally, thank you to Karine Ricard of TfT and Chris Abraham of Crow’s Theatre for allowing us to encounter Toronto audiences. Thanks again to Danielle Le Saux-Farmer of Théâtre Catapulte for your unwavering faith in the project.

Wishing you a wonderful evening in the company of these ‘Singulières’ who have inspired us for three years now.

It’s your turn to meet them,

Alexandre Fecteau
Director and artistic director of the Nous sommes ici collective.

Playwright’s Notes

Maxime Beauregard-Martin

When Alexandre Fecteau asked me to write this theatre documentary on women’s celibacy, I felt a numbing dizziness. How could I possibly do justice to a situation that was simultaneously so intimate and foreign from my own? How would my pen sufficiently honour the testimonies I was about to collect?

During the process, I remembered a discussion I had had in the green room of a theatre with my good friend Maryse a few years back. We were about to go on stage to perform a friend’s very first play. I verbalized, at nauseum, my desire to be ‘good’. Maryse replied, with authority but plenty of love, that the performance was not about me.

Should I maybe accept that, indeed, I did have little to say about women’s celibacy but, in fact, a great deal to listen to? Perhaps I shouldn’t be focused on the brilliance of my writing skills but, instead, simply check the status of my recorder’s batteries?

I must highlight the generosity and abandonment of each of the women who agreed to share their stories while also emphasizing the sharpness and intelligence of the team that participated in this production. Rare is such a rich creative process. Rare are such encounters quite so... singular!

Happy encounters!

Maxime Beauregard-Martin



Alexandre Fecteau

Alexandre Fecteau

Alexandre Fecteau is both a director and author and recipient of the John Hirsch Award and the RBC Rising star Emerging Director Prize; both given in recognition of great potential.

With the collective Nous sommes ici, of which he is the artistic director, he created L’étape, Changing Room, La date and Le NoShow—a show which has been presented more than 100 times in Quebec, France, Switzerland and Mexico; and which earned him the Œuvre de l’année Capitale-Nationale Award in 2015 (CALQ) and Rayonnement international in 2018 (Conseil de la Culture Capitale-Nationale). In 2018, with the collective, he debuted his fifth creation: Hôtel-Dieu followed by Entre Autres in 2019. In the Spring of 2021, he presented his latest creation, at Théâtre la Bordée—Singulières: a documentary play addressing the subject of female celibacy. As a guest director, he has directed Ionesco’s Rhinoceros and Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus at the Théâtre du Trident (earning Best Direction and Best Quebec Show at the Prix de la Critique de l’AQCT). At Théâtre La Bordée, he updated the mythical play Les fées ont soif by Denise Boucher (Best Quebec Show at the AQCT Critics’ Awards) and À toi pour toujours, ta Marilou by Michel Tremblay in 2017.

He participated in two editions of the travelling show Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant...? before being appointed to the artistic coordination of the event in 2016. He was also invited to create the opening event of the Pierre-Lassonde Pavilion of the Musée National des Beaux-arts du Québec.


Maxime Beauregard-Martin

Maxime Beauregard-Martin

Graduate of the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec in 2013, Maxime has acted in some fifteen theatrical productions including: Les Plouffe, Sauver des vies, L’enfance de l’art, Je me soulève and Les Contes à Passer le temps.

Equally trained as a journalist at UQAM, as an author, he is also interested in documentary theatre. In this style, he has written about a famous octogenarian night owl in Quebec City and about female celibacy through his plays Mme G. and Singulières: both presented at La Bordée and published by l’Instant Même. He also co-wrote and co-directed the interactive play Ensemble, about the experience of confinement in 2020. In 2019, he co-created Terre Promise with Maryse Lapierre for the Carrefour international de théâtre de Québec.


Frédérique Bradet

Frédérique Bradet

A graduate of the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec in 2007, Frédérique Bradet’s talent has been showcased on stages throughout the capital of Québec. She performed, among other productions, in Le Bourgeois gentilhomme and Les Plouffe at Théâtre du Trident; as well as at La Bordée in À la Clémentine at La Roche-à-Veillon ; Arlequin, servants of two masters ; Matéo et la suite du monde and Christine la reine-garçon. She has received award nominations for her interpretation of the roles of Frosine in L’Avare and Shirley in Lucky Lady (La Bordée) as well as Cécile in Les Plouffe (Le Trident).

One of the founding members of Nous sommes ici, and now artistic coordinator, she has also contributed to the development of the collective’s creative line and brought multiple characters to life in productions that have been widely acclaimed in Quebec and Europe: L’Étape, Changing Room, La Date, and Le NoShow.

In parallel to her acting career, she teaches diction at the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique de Québec.


Savina Figueras

Savina Figueras

Catalan actress since 1996; established in Quebec since 2018. In Quebec City, she participated in the shows Les véritables aventures de Don Quichotte de la Mancha and Le miel est plus doux que le sang, written and directed by Philippe Soldevila and presented at the Théâtre Périscope de Québec.

In Barcelona, she founded the Gataro theatre company in 1996 and the Almeria Teatre de Barcelona in 2008. With these two companies, she has participated in more than 25 theatrical productions as an actor and producer.

Savina won the 2010 UNNIM Theatre Award for Best Actress for her role as Carmela in ¡Ay, Carmela! by José Sanchis Sinisterra and directed by Victor Alvaro; and the 2016-2017 Quebec Association of Theatre Critics / Quebec Section Award in the Female Performance category for her role as The Niece in Les véritables aventures de Don Quichotte de la Mancha.


Danielle Le Saux-Farmer

Danielle Le Saux-Farmer

Actor, director, translator and artistic director. Danielle Le Saux-Farmer is a graduate of the University of Ottawa in theatre and of the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec. Since graduating in 2011, she has performed at Théâtre du Trident, La Bordée, Premier Acte, Le Périscope, Théâtre la Licorne, Théâtre Denise-Pelletier and on tour across Canada. Among other productions, she has been seen in Nuages en pantalon’s L’art de la chute (a project that includes her as a co-writer); The Laramie Project at Théâtre du Trident; La Guerre des Tuques (a theatrical adaptation by Fabien Cloutier) and more recently in Singulières by Maxime Beauregard-Martin (directed by Alexandre Fecteau at the Théâtre la Bordée in Spring of 2021).

She has translated three plays: Avant l’archipel by Emily Pearlman (a creation in which she performs, and which has over one hundred performances to its credit); Beyond the Night Sky (a creation by Nuages en pantalon) and The Art of the Fall (a published translation of L’art de la chute). She also directed an adaptation of David Mamet’s Dans le bois in 2013; Pascale Renaud-Hébert’s Le Jeu (a production by the Collectif du Vestiaire) in 2017 and Pascale Renaud-Hébert’s Princesse de personne (her first production as Artistic Director of Théâtre Catapulte in Ottawa). In addition to continuing as Artistic and General Director of the Catapulte for a fourth season, Danielle will also be part of the cast of Louis-Philippe Roy’s Durant des années for Théâtre Du Trillium’s next creation in Spring of 2022.


Nadia Girard-Eddahia

Nadia Girard-Eddahia

As a performer, Nadia has taken part in several theatrical productions. Notably, Bienveillance (Théâtre de la Bordée), Doggy dans Gravel (Théâtre Kata) and Trois nuits avec Madox (La Trâlée) of which she was a finalist for the Nicky-Roy Award (revelation of the year).

With La Trâlée, a company of which she is a member, she took part in two object theatre adaptations of classic films: Rashomon (AQCT Best Show Award) and Citoyen K. Over the past year, audiences may recognize her from Les contes à passer le temps (Vierge folle), L’envers (Parabole théâtre) or have been introduced to her first literary work * *, which was presented in April 2022 at Premier Acte.


Sophie Thibeault

Sophie Thibeault

Sophie Thibeault is a member of the 2007 graduating class of the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec. One may have seen her on stage in a wide variety of productions throughout Quebec and even in Europe. For Youth Theatre she has performed in L’Ombre de l’escargot de Nuages en pantalon and Les Zurbains du Clou. For Summer Theatre in L’Emmerdeur by Voix d’accès and in Winter Theatre with La Guerre des tuques by Théâtre Sous Zéro. At La Bordée, she played the lead role in La Chatte sur un toit brûlant by Maxime Robin and performed in La Réunification des deux Corées by Michel Nadeau; recently in Singulières and Être norvégien by Théâtre Bistouri; at the Trident in Lapin Lapin by Martin Genest and Le meilleur des mondes by Nancy Bernier.

She collaborated with Alexandre Fecteau for Le NoShow. She also co-created the piece Mouvement Perpétuel during the course of Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant...? for the Carrefour International de Théâtre. Since 2016, she has collaborated in direction, writing and performance in Les Contes à passer le temps. She will also co-direct the next creation Muse de Flip Fabrique with Maxime Robin. She has been a regular player in the National Improvisation League for 3 seasons. You may have also seen her over the last three Summers on MAtv as a co-host and chief chronicler in the show Enfin l’été.

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