Canadian Stage

A creation of Orange Noyée and Théâtre français du CNA


Creative Team

  • Text and Direction Mani Soleymanlou in collaboration with the artists
  • Cast Mani Soleymanlou, Emmanuel Schwartz, Caroline Bélisle, Florence Brunet, Jean Marc Dalpé, Ziad Ek, Nadia Girard Eddahia, Israël Gamache, Cory Haas, Marie-Ève Fontaine, France Huot, Moriana Kachmarsky, John Gislain Kibaga, Anna-Laure Koop, Danielle Le Saux-Farmer, Jean-Christophe Leblanc, Lionel Lehouillier, Carla Mezquita Honhon, Meilie Ng, Dillon Orr, Anaïs Pellin, France Perras, Dominique Pétin, Chloé Petit, Eric Plamondon, Marco Poulin, Caroline Raynaud, Gabriel Robichaud, Marie-Madeleine Sarr, Manon St-Jules, Ines Talbi, Elkahna Talbi, Chloé Thériault, Xavier Yuvens, Jean-Charles Weka & Anais West
  • Direction Assistant and Stage Management Jean Gaudreau
  • Lighting Design Erwann Bernard et Martin Sirois
  • Sound Design Larsen Lupin
  • Co-Direction of UN and Artistic Consultant on DEUX Alice Ronfard
  • Direction Intern Margarita Herrera Domínguez
  • Scripts Sophie Gemme and Chloé Gagné Dion
  • Translation and Surtitles Cory Haas
  • Technical Direction Audrey Janelle and Chantal Labonté
  • Touring Coordinator Charlotte Ménard
  • Production Coordinator Laëtitia Fabaron
  • Delegated Production Vanessa Beaupré
  • Executive Producer Xavier Inchauspé

UN.DEUX.TROIS. is an original creation by Orange Noyée in partnership with le Théâtre français du Centre national des Arts, le Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario, le Théâtre français de Toronto, Duceppe, Le Théâtre du Trident, Le Théâtre l’Escaouette, le Théâtre populaire d’Acadie, le Théâtre la Seizième, le Théâtre Cercle Molière.

Un. Deux. Trois. is supported by the National Creation Fund, the NAC Foundation, The Cole Foundation, le Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, le Conseil des arts de Montréal, and Power Corporation of Canada.

TROIS was originally created in 2014 by Orange Noyée in partnership with le Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui and le Festival TransAmériques.

With the support of

Québec ICI Toronto Marcil Lavallée


UN. DEUX. TROIS. It’s Mani Soleymanlou surrounding himself with 40 artists hailing from all four corners of Canada. Indigenous, non-Indigenous and Métis, what do they have in common? They’re all French-speaking. In the history of Franco-Canadian theatre, never has such a project been orchestrated before. Artists and co-creators stage their personal experiences, their ideas, their aspirations and their frustrations in order to better question what constitutes us, divides us and unites us as Canadians. As an audience, we are invited to revisit our heritage, common and individual; to dream, to dare, to hope; to believe in the value of every human experience and to brazenly clear away the fertile ground that is identity.

UN. DEUX. TROIS. risks it all: without speeches or signs, without rhetoric or empty phrases. A dialogue from Vancouver to Moncton, through Toronto, Sudbury, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Winnipeg, and Caraquet. From accent to accent. From coast to coast.

An Orange Noyée Creation

Orange Noyée is a performing arts production company founded by Mani Soleymanlou in 2011. The company's first show, UN, has been performed more than 180 times in French and English around the world.

One singular theme has inhabited Orange Noyée since its creation. A theme that is at the core of their work: retracing the invisible thread that links our identities to their development and evolution, in our acts and our words. Are we what we say? What we do? What others project onto us? What does it mean to be born somewhere? How is identity forged, whether it is individual, communal or gendered? Where does our freedom end and social constructs begin?

Through new forms of collective writing and by developing an intimate, quasi-documentary approach, the company puts forward contemporary creation and presents to all audiences in Canada and abroad a theatre that is relatable, participatory and fully engaged in the inter-cultural conversation.

Creative Partners

Cercle Molière Centre national des Arts Duceppe théâtre l'Escaouette La Seizième Orange Noyée TfT Théâtre du Nouvel-Ontario Théâtre populaire d’Acadie Le théâtre Le Trident

Photos of the Cast

Anaïs Pellin (Gaëtan Nerincx) Anais West (Kimberly Ho) Anna-Laure Koop (Kendra Hope Photography) Carla Mezquita Honhon (Sarah Rouleau) Caroline Bélisle (Annie France Noël) Caroline Raynaud (Lindsey Macdonald) Chloé Petit (Josh Sam) Chloé Thériault (Stacey Lalande) Cory Haas (Gaëtan Nerincx) Danielle Le Saux-Farmer (Satya Jack) Dillon Orr (Giancarlo Cerquozzi) Dominique Pétin (Maxyme G Delisle) Elkahna Talbi (Eva-Maude TC) Emmanuel Schwartz (Eva-Maude TC) Eric Plamondon (David Greisman) Florence Brunet (Ludger Beaulieu) France Huot (Danielle Provencher) France Perras (Kristine Cofsky) Gabriel Robichaud (Annie-France Noël) Ines Talbi (Julie Artacho) Israël Gamache (Catherine Galadriel Gervais) JC Leblanc (Kelly Jacobs) Jean-Charles Weka (Philippe Lanteigne_Université de Moncton) Jean Marc Dalpé (Rachel Bergeron) John Gislain Kibaga (Guy Emmanuel Pehe) Lionel Lehouillier(Nancy Mcl) Mani Soleymanlou (Olivier Jean) Manon St Jules (Rémi Thériault (House of Common Studio)) Marco Poulin (pas de crédit) Marie-Eve Fontaine (Jonathan Lorange) Marie Madeleine Sarr (Maxime Côté) Meilie Ng (Mike Rideout) Moriana Kachmarsky (Sylvain Sabatié) Nadia Girard (Montreal portrait) Xavier Yuvens (Grant Landry) Ziad Ek (Tim Leyes)

Donors and Partners of TfT

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